Brushstrokes of Grace Review

Here is my  review for Randall Worley’s book: Brushstrokes of Grace: Finding Grace In A Graceless World

My wife recently rearranged our living room to be more open and inviting and I must add, she did an excellent job.  Randall’s book will rearrange the living room of your heart and mind to be more open and inviting, as a deeper understanding of God will be entertained in whatever place you find yourself reading it.  I’d even say that many will be comforted in finding themselves while reading it.

Speaking of comfort, some may initially find this book uncomforting as they are invited to venture into their previously shallow ideas about the depths of God, while others who are uncomfortable will be comforted by a God that was much better than they had originally anticipated.  Throughout the reading of this book I found myself comforted in the depths of God’s love that I have come to know yet in other places I was challenged in the shallowness of some of the waters I found myself in.  It is here where Randall inspires our hearts with a deep that calls out to the depths we were created for.

Brushstrokes of Grace will help paint you a picture of who God really is.  Keep in mind you may not see this painting hung up in some the religious institutions of our day but for those not hung up on dogma and who are interested in actually knowing God’s nature, you will be greatly encouraged by the quality of the Artist accurately portrayed in this book.  Randall has done a masterful job with communicating in a way that allows these brushstrokes of God’s grace to touch the canvas of our lives.

Lastly, I have paid careful attention to the depth and clarity of Randall’s teaching for quite a few years now and many of us have wondered when Randall would write books. Brushstrokes of Grace has been worth the wait but many should not wait to get this book in their hands . It will be a catalyst for you to be encouraged in understanding and ultimately experiencing the true depths of God’s love and grace that religion has long tried to keep hidden.  I cannot recommend the author and his book enough.

Check it out with the link below.



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