The Subtle Falling of Leaves

The Subtle Falling of Leaves

The leaves are beginning to fall

You’ve been falling for a while now

Will you embrace the change of seasons?

Will you allow death to serve its purpose so you can overcome its meaning?

Will you complain when winter draws near?

The leaves falling are calling you to leave your resistance to transformation’s process

Spring will come again you know. Do you know?

If you don’t fall you cannot rise, so we are changing your definition of failure and falling

Are the trees immoral for shedding their leaves?

Is immortality alive in the breeze even when you don’t know where it comes from?

The leaves are beginning to fall

They’ve been trying to wake you up for a while now

Be still and know, so when the trees are naked you are no longer ashamed

The winter’s snow will reveal your purity

Love will give meaning to your process

Love will conquer your fear of death

The leaves are beginning to fall

You’ve been resisting the cycle of life for a while now

Unless a grain of wheat falls, my child, unless it dies it cannot arise

You return from where you came

I’m sorry they told you you will return to the dust

They’ve been clinging to their fading shells for a while now

The real you returns to My Face

The Face of the One who breathed you into existence

So conquer death by not being afraid of it, my child

Embrace the expanding cycle of transformation

Life & death is in the power of a Reality that never dies

In a little while now you will see Me face to face

For life is but My breath that lasts forever


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