Butterfly Movement



Opinion makers of previous movements are threatened by anything that creates a disruption.  Control to them is more important than thinking.” – Randall Worley

How true the above is. Yet how can we help people to remain open to think through the ever expanding process of transformation and growth without shutting down the always advancing nature of the Spirit? How can opinion makers of previous movements become destiny makers of the new movements God always invites us to? I hope I can help build a bridge to these questions so that we can get used to the continual seasons of life that say:

The old has gone and the new has come.”

We are invited to be a part of God’s advancing nature “within” us that affects the world “outside” us. The more we grow to know God within the more we go without needing to live as know-it-alls who reject our previous stages of growth in an unhealthy way.  We can embrace the all-encompassing reality of God’s continual transformation with a peace that surpasses all of the previous stages understanding, while also appreciating them.

This peace is not based on our performance or man’s opinions, but on unconditional Love.  Only unconditional Love can train us to value the old and new properly.

Jesus said, Every scribe who has been trained for heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.”

This is what we need because only knowing the old will cause bacteria to infect the old without the new that is necessary to sustain the whole. Old manna gets moldy when you don’t rely on the new manna available today. Like living water that needs constant flow to thrive, life is sustained by growth & movement.  Yet even if we get too comfortable in our current understanding the current will still take us towards the waterfalls of change.

As you know some people would rather die than change, but everyone will eventually die and be confronted with it. This is why Jesus says it is best to willingly lose your life to find it instead of letting outside circumstances take your life from you. Your willingness to change and remain open is a factor that keeps the flow of Life constantly moving.

And this is why many people in old movements will naturally have to move on in order to sustain true life, while people who choose to stay and protect the old movements will eventually be a part of a dying system. The death process of movements can take hundreds of years, but a willful change can take about 3 days to start experiencing a Resurrection.  But always know this about God’s constant flow of Life:  It is always current and never old.  

God is Love, which means the current Reality is always now AND forever moving towards unconditional Love.  This naturally moves against the current of anything that hinders it.  Love is a never-ending relationship cycle where anything outside of the flow is always invited into it, even if it has to die to get us there.    

It is now my constant goal to help us keep our hearts wide open to the greater Reality that will always transcend previous understandings, while also including the previous understandings properly. To transcend but reject a previous movement or stage is still a subtle form of control.  We need to have a heart space open enough to not conform to the arrogance of thinking we are part of the only thing God is doing and be completely comfortable with knowing God is always much bigger than we can currently imagine.  

The metamorphosis process of a butterfly is a great picture here.

A butterfly doesn’t reject the darkness of the cocoon that prepared her for flight but she will leave that cocoon (movement) to transcend into a greater understanding of existence. When her cocoon opened the butterfly proclaimed:The old has gone and the new light has come”, even though the “new light” has always been there. The previous stage assisted the butterfly into a greater understanding of Reality.

But if a butterfly talks bad about others because they are still in cocoons she would not understand that she is rejecting the previous movement that helped her get her wings. We would call the butterfly ignorant even though she was clearly a part of a new movement of flight that had transcended the previous stage. Those in the previous movement might get upset if this butterfly is mean to them instead of her lovingly inviting them to the more. Maturing butterflies have value for the previous stages because they know that, while those stages are not as mature, they are a part of the journey to greater transformation.

On the other side, if the one in the cocoon stayed in the cocoon forever and proclaimed that this was all there is, we see a perfect example of fear & control. This is especially true when the one in the cocoon is threatened by butterflies talking from “outside” of its own safe environment telling her that there is more than she currently knows. The cocoon must then shout to all who will listen to not talk to or listen to the butterflies and to stand firm in the truth so they are not deceived into contemplating the butterflies (new movements) ideas. The butterflies caused a disruption in the camp because now questions are being asked and new possibilities are being entertained, which those who need control can’t allow. They have to get the troops together to fortify the cocoons so that they never open to the light of this new information.

The cocoon leader must control what people think in order to keep them safe from the butterflies.

Yet the Reality remains that there is always more. The transformation process takes a certain kind of trust in God & Mystery to not have to be certain you know it all and so that you don’t miss the new thing or that you don’t have bitterness towards the old.  Get this and you will no longer try to control what people think.  You will simply better learn to follow the flow of Unconditional Love that seeks to meet people wherever they are and allow people to learn in all the different ways the Spirit leads. Ways that are often like the wind, so you have no idea where they come from but the Spirit allows you to let go of the need to control Her creative ways.  

Ways that give birth to new things, cause old things to be born again and brings dead things to life. 

So let go. Surrender. Think freely. Be thankful. Embrace Change.  Follow the Spirit wherever the Spirit leads in all your transcending and including because…

There is always more and you will always be invited to go…

Deeper Still



“If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies” -Unknown




One thought on “Butterfly Movement

  1. Nice article Preston! Growth and renewal, learning and enlightenment. Your perspective was very creative and fun to read. You make some excellent point of seeing things from different sides with out taking offense or being critical of others who might not agree or understand where you are coming from or where their at either. Some are not able yet to open their spiritual possibilities enough to even consider that there is any other way to look at a long held dogma. Also its not just old vs young or used vs new, but how willing are we to think past our ears at any age or stage of life and listen to Holy Spirit for the truth of God. Love and Hugs to you!

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