The Way Forward

Last night the United States elected a new president and you know this process has been filled with much emotion and discussion.  Today there is heartache, loss, pain, excitement, joy, fear of the future and every possible emotion you can think of from all sides of humanity.  But one thing is clear:

Regardless of what happens God is always trying to inspire humanity forward.  Of the increase of God’s government there is no end, even though it often looks quite different than the governments of the world.

It actually takes quite a bit of faith to believe this and not the faith you psyche yourself up for, but the kind that surrenders to Love in a world where there are many troubles.

As I was reading a spectacular new book by Richard Rohr with Mike Morrell today, I became extremely excited with God’s own excitement for America and the world.  I know this because the excitement was not manufactured from myself.  The book is called “The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation” and I sincerely believe it will bring much healing to you and the world.

I was convinced long before this book came out that understanding the Trinity (God as 3 Persons) is one of the greatest keys for our time and of course for all time.  This will become clearer as we move on and especially in regards to the mindsets that manifest around election season yet which are common in day-to-day thinking.  Here is some of what I read that is part of the encouraging word I want to share with you:

“We’re moving from a dualistic, or binary, map of reality, into a ternary map of reality-reality based on a pattern of three.

 I think every one of us has a certain resistance to a ternary map because our whole lives have been formed by binary oppositions.  We think that way. (Richard calls it the dualistic mind)  Most people fight back and forth between either/or binaries-just look at our political parties.  The one with the loudest voice appears to win, but then you always go away dissatisfied, feeling you have been cheated. And you have been.

 At the Center for Action and Contemplation, we try to practice what we call Third Way approaches to conflict, problem-solving, and creativity.  You almost have to let “the two” fail you. You almost have to die to them.   You almost have to be willing to be disappointed in both of them.

 But what most people do-I think to reassure their egos and their need to be right- is to take a stand mightily on one side and make a god out of their ideology, religion, or partial truth. But this comes at such a cost! It’s such a defeat for intelligence, for wisdom, for depth, for truth.

 Stridently taking sides in a binary system has nothing to do with truth.  The gospel itself is neither liberal nor conservative but severely critiques both sides of this false choice.  The true good news of Jesus will never fill stadiums, because dualistic masses can never collectively embrace an enlightened “Third Way,” which, contemplatively speaking, always feels like nothing, because in this position you are indeed like Jesus-you have “no place to lay your head.”” (See Luke 9:58)

 Although I hope collective masses can embrace the “Third Way”, I was extremely inspired by the Sprit to inspire you in what They are doing and have always been doing!  They are ALWAYS trying to help us rightly relate to Them as They are so we can be One with Them. (John 17:21)  This is the ultimate will of God.  But we can only see this by this “Third Way” Richard speaks of.  Happy are the eyes that see!

So here it goes.

People collectively really are beginning to move away from binary systems of thought that can’t rightly relate to God.  This has constantly been happening in small clusters that grow like leaven inside of bread.  This moving away from binary systems is a true maturing in what it means to have the Mind of Christ.  This mind is able to transcend the “us vs. them”-“either/or” thought patterns that dominate much religion & politics, and quite frankly many human beings.  This is the “Third Way” of seeing and is simply the realization of our participation in the divine nature of the Trinity.

Polls have verified that most Americans in the recent election voted for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, not because they wanted to, but because they felt they had to.  I think this was the case more than ever and is a clear dissatisfaction with the binary us vs. them thinking that is finally leading us towards an actual change in consciousness.  And it is clear, whether some admit it or not, that we actually have to do something with the current political system to add more ways of understanding reality that will better love and serve our world and not just those who are on “our” side.

Jesus clearly taught this Third Way of thinking when he subverted much of the consciousness of his day.  Israelites hated Samaritans, so Jesus teaches about the Good Samaritan.  People hated their enemies who were killing them, so Jesus teaches them to love their enemies.  Religious leaders worshipped their interpretation of the Bible, so Jesus teaches a different way of understanding that actually made them want to kill him.  Many wanted to make “Israel great again” by their fulfillment of prophecy involving a violent Messiah wiping out their enemies, but instead they got Jesus.

The dualistic mind cannot comprehend this way of seeing the world.

And all of this might even look like dualistic ideas from Jesus, but He was flowing from a place of Unconditional Love that doesn’t live from either/or thinking.  The Trinity is far more generous and loving than our either/or projections of God have become.  Trinity doesn’t feed off the knowledge of good evil.  As the Bread of Life, Jesus revealed this.

The Bread of Life gives Life to the ENTIRE world and is the light of ALL humanity.  (John 1:9)

Go ahead and try to comprehend that with a dualistic mind.

Rest assured the Trinitarian Way is still largely persecuted by binary systems of understanding, but it is slowly making ground.  Like Jesus who went to the edges and found His most faithful followers, the edges are gaining ground to have credible voices that speak to the unseen masses that are ready for change.  Many voices are arising to lead us this transition, and the coming age will reveal this was true.

Practically speaking, this Third Way of seeing allows us to better listen to people, especially those we disagree with.  It allows us to include far more than we reject.  To respond, rather than react.  It is the Way, the Truth and the Life that Loves the world without judging it.  (John 12:47)

It allows us to partake in the actual nature of the Trinity, which is the pattern and design of all creation.  

Some of this may not make sense to you and so here is where I highly recommend you get, “The Divine Dance” book.  You will probably enjoy reading it multiple times for years to come.  It can be a tool to assist us in the Reality of what God is doing to help us connect with Them and to Love the world like They do apart from the competitive thinking that causes so much damage.

As I was wondering whether to post this I came across an advertisement for a song on my Facebook feed.  The post highlighting the track had these as the first few sentences highlighted in blue,

America is experiencing the chasm of the heart.

The inability to see the others pain, dignity and humanity.

Binary either/or thinking furthers the divide.

Seeing this was a strong confirmation to share all this with you and plant a Seed that can truly transform the world.  Take your time and ask God to give you eyes to see.

It’s time the dividing walls further fall down as we work together to help each other see with new eyes.  Eyes that value everyone so we can err on the side of unconditional love and not on the side of either/or thinking that destroys people, especially those who we think are not like us.  The Trinity thinks everyone is in some capacity like Them because:

They created mankind in Their image. (Genesis 1:26)

We all would do well to connect with Them and Love like they do.


Here is the song I came across on my Facebook feed:

Please please get a copy of The Divine Dance: Check it out here:   Bono even likes it. 🙂


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