The Divine Dance Book Review


If there was ever a book that was necessary and critical for our time, this is one of them. The Divine Dance possesses the keys to experiencing God unlike any book I’ve ever read.  It is not a book you can breeze through, but is one that will continuously blow the fresh breath of the Spirit over your limited or even chaotic understanding of God.  Take your sweet time when you read it.

This book is not just for “spiritual” people who already search the depths of Reality, but it is also for the curious.  It is for those who may not know what to think in a world full of ideas about God that fail to measure up to the standards of our deepest heart desire to know who God actually is.  Or in the Trinitarian language you will discover in this book, to know God as “They” are.  This book will help clarify the misrepresentations of God that have plagued our imaginations and religions.  At times you will proclaim, “I always knew that was true!”, but for some reason you were afraid to say it.

It is deeply practical and relational.

Richard knows that the words he uses to communicate can only go so far and he makes that clear throughout the book.  Even so, there will be various times where the words will be brimming with an inspiration that invite those words to become flesh within you.  There will be bursts of clarity about the Reality of God, our world and ourselves.  At other times there will be things that lead you further on your journey by joyfully giving you more questions than answers.

It is truly a remarkable book that constantly invites you to experience what you are reading.

Personally I believe this book helps us deeply understand this Relationship of God that has been called the Trinity.  I believe it further points to the fact that we originated from a Heavenly Family and the more we understand & experience this Family, the more our world will benefit from the unconditional love we are intended to live in.  It will also bring healing to our orphaned understanding of God that is often blindly championed by the gatekeepers of religion.  It invites you to a better Way of seeing everything.

I have now read the book a second time in which things I did not understand at the first became clearer.  I believe it will take multiple readings for years to come to extract the wisdom layered throughout this book.  Take your time to practice and participate in what it invites you know.

In closing, what Richard and Mike have here is a destined classic.  It is a book that gives us a much clearer revelation of who God is and will assist us to further know the Trinity and our transformation, exactly as the title reads.  Simply put:  It will help us understand Reality as it is AND as it should be within the never ending dance of Unconditional Love.

And all we have to do is receive this Love that is freely given by the Trinity without anymore periods of stopping that flow

Much Love,


I received this book from SpeakEasy in exchange for my honest review and it did not dissapoint.

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